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Monday, September 13, 2010

Martial arts Training Scam

Just to let you everyone know to beware of the following individuals who recently contacted me via email for training.

The following e-mail that is being sent to various martial arts schools. The scam involves agreeing to a price for the training, having the school cash a fake cashiers check or charging a credit card for more than the agreed amount, and asking to wire the difference to a third party -- a classic "419" scam.

Here is a copy of the email I received:


My name is Arvel Thurman. I want to book training services for a group of six who shall be on vacation to your country for 8weeks.We want an intensive training sessions with you. Their stay will last from Sept to November,2010.They are all beginners and six in number.What can you offer? Can I know your qualification and service rate? This program coincides with our vacation timetable and it is designed towards improving the mental and physical fitness by challenging ourselves beyond our capabilities. Our aim is to improve our confidence, gain self defense skills, increase fitness and enjoy new challenges.

Do you have a training facility where you conduct classes? if not,we can arrange one for it.

I would love to know the possibility of working with you during this period.Kindly get back to me with your proposals so that we can make booking asap.

Best regards.

Arvel Thurman

BCSSA,Egerton Training Ground,

Mereheath Lane,


Cheshire, WA16 6SL,Uk

A search on the name "Arvel Thurman" will bring up many pointers and other variations regarding this scam.

Please be careful with these kinds of scams, guys!


Anonymous said...

We just recieved a email very similar to this and we are in New Zealand so these guys are working around the world

Ger said...

Please be aware that we at Bobby Charlton's have done all we can to stop this. The police tell us that until money has changed hands no offence has been committed. We would love your help in spreading the word that this is a scam.
Most people email us directly and we assure them that this is not genuine. He uses a number of different names.
Thank you for your time.
Geraldine Shiels
Managing Director
Bobby Charlton Soccer & Sports Academy