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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was interviewed about the Koga blog from the guy who does another blog dedicated to Jinichi Kawakami. He sent me a copy of the first part so here it is.

Q: Could you tell us why you started the blog?

A: Well, I really had no agenda at first other than to just get correct information out there about Ninjutsu.

Q: Could you elaborate a bit on that?

A: I basically got tired of reading the same old made up dribble from so called authentic Ninjutsu practitioners. I have always been one to seek out aunthentic knowledge of the arts I have been involved in.

Q: I understand you trained with the Bujinkan?

A: Yes I did for years as a matter of fact.

Q: How would you describe your time with them?

A: At first I really enjoyed it but later I did nt. I was somewhat let down by the actions and conversations of the so called high ranking instructors. On one occasion I had over heard a conversation by the seminar host and the person giving the seminar regarding seminar attendees and how some people who paid their hard earned money for these seminars were referred to as coconut shrimp.

Meaning that the only contribution some seminar attendees would ever make to the Bujinkan was that their seminar fee covered the costs of a platter of cocnut shrimp for the seminar instructor. Basically all they were good for was covering the expenses of meals when they ate out. I really thought that comment was very in appropriate and insulting.

Q: You alluded to fraudulent Ninjutsu practitioners?

A: I have a problem with what I call fantasy martial artists. This are people with made up backgrounds and historys. I wont name names but these people know who they are. I wont bring any attention to them in any form other than to say they are compulsive liars and conmen.

They see no harm in what they do and constantly attempt to bring attention to themselves so they can feed their egos. Their histories are so far fetched it is ludicrous. They try to impress others by boasting of martial arts, military, Government and law enforcement experience that they don’t really have. In most cases their actual training is very slight not even attaining the rank of black belt. Braggers looking for a photo op. It is a very unfortunate trait that is really prevalent in Ninjutsu.

Q: You have had some interesting responses to your blog.

A: Like anything else there have been high points and of course low points. My biggest problem was that after covering the Jinichi Kawakami seminar some wanted me to do stories on them right after.

Q: I want to ask about the Kawakami seminar?

A: I wanted to cover it and get the word out about it. I am convinced of Kawakami’s legitimacy more than anyone’s. The ones who were wanting to find out for themselves went.

A lot of so called Ninjutsu practitioners did nt bother to show up but really run their mouths about it afterwards. The ones who were critical of it were nt even there and have no clue as to what their talking about.

Q: Now you were warned by the Bujinkan about Kawakami were nt you.

A: Yes, I was. Back in 2006 an email went out thru the Bujinkan about Kawakmi basically discrediting him. This was another one of those instances that I spoke of earlier that really put a damper on my training with the Bujinkan.

Q: What was the highlight of the blog?

A: The Kawakami seminar was definitely up there for several reasons. I was in pretty constant touch with Dayn Derose who had some valuable insights on hosting the seminar that he shared with me. Dayn had visited Kawakami in Japan earlier before the seminar and was kind enough to share that experience.

Also my interview with Meik Skoss was definitely a high point. He was very candid and basically helped with putting the article of his interview together. He shared his knowledge of how certain things Kawakami said made sense. There was constant contact and input from O’Sensei Ron Duncan and he and I as well as Dayn still have a repoire.

Part two will be coming soon.

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