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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Koga ninja influences IT consulting company

Ronald Lai is a business owner of "Koga IT Consulting" based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Ronald who recently launched his business website a month ago, explains how his life is influenced by the essence of the world of Ninja. "Since I was young, the japanese movies display fights between the Koga Ninjas and their natural rivals, Iga Ninjas, kept me interested in the world of Ninjutsu."

"My sister and I always played a two player digital video game consoles before the age of Gameboy, where one of us will be the Koga Ninja, and the other one will be the Iga Ninja. Throwing paper Shurikens, making our own paper ninja swords, those were our childhood days. I am still a big fan of ninja anime and any video games that have anything to do with Ninja, but it is time for me to move on to bigger things."

Fixing computers has been a long-time hobby for Ronald. He has 12 years experience in the technical support field. As he gained valuable experience in his IT career, he decided to run his own business under the name of Koga. Ronald explained his definition of the word Koga and how he relates it to his company.

"To me, Koga means two things: Ko, in the Kanji word means Top Quality or Top Grade. Ga, in the Kanji word can be divided into two parts, where the first part of the word means "add", and the bottom word means "shell", or in the ancient days, a valuable item."

Koga IT Consulting wants to deliver "Top Quality" IT Support services, and "add -value" to his client's business. "Stealth, quality, and vital support. These are the values of a Koga Ninja that I am borrowing to run my business." says Ronald.

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