Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Last week I did a blog on dangerous freaks in the martial arts. I used the example of the guy who calls himself Kairo Seijuro, but whose real name is Kenny.

Kenny was getting some flack from people about his Youtube videos. He is terrible at sword work, but like most incompetents feels a need to show off and be complimented. When he got honest opinions instead of compliments, he tried to get nasty and one up folks with the following statement.

“the best part about the way i was raised is that only battle that are lethal are worth fighting at if you are sore enough to go out of your way to risk your pride and life  then ill happily accept....but not for some cheap short sighted fist-cuff of competition... ”

Underlying this type of bravado is the implication that no one would dare come face him for a lethal exchange. This is a strategy of many internet tough guys. Make a statement that no one would dare face you. It didn't go so well for Kenny. He is the type of person that abuses his girlfriend, but would never face someone that could do him harm. I posted the following, for clarification.

:+Kairo Seijuro , so you are saying that if someone came to you and challenged you to a duel with live blades, you would accept? Am I getting that right? If so, how may people find you? What place should you meet up with them? There are many people in California that might want to take you up on this offer.”

Since then, Kenny has gone silent.

This blog is about the tactic used by many like Kenny, that of making a lot of noise from behind a computer questioning the courage of the person on the other side. While living in Japan, I shot down a lot of claims of people saying they were the inheritors of ancient Japanese arts. I can't begin to count all the times someone in America tried to say that unless I got on a plane from Japan and said that there was no record of their style earlier than the time Reagan was in office to them in person, that I should just shut up.

I have been challenged like this numerous times. I have seen it happen to others hundreds, maybe thousands of times. I am not exaggerating that figure. The tactic of trying to stop debate or criticism is so common that in every group I admin on Facebook I put down the rule that anyone trying to use it is then responsible for the travel expenses of the other person. I advise everyone who runs a martial arts group to adopt a similar policy. It cuts down on the screaming from people who can't argue using facts and logic and lets discussion continue.

The rule about paying travel expenses is important. The issuer always seems to think that the other guy should come to them. In the few cases where people actually have taken that step, the other guy hides and runs away. I know of no case where someone who traveled to see someone in person actually found them willing to fight. And I am aware of a few. People will go from, "No one dares face me" to calling the police as soon as someone shows up. I have seen that a few times.

So, if anyone does issue a challenge to face them, and you do go to the trouble of going to meet them, take screen shots and other records and carry them with you when you do. If you don't, then the police will likely believe the other guy when he says you just showed up suddenly threatening his life. You will look like a crazy stalker trying to ambush someone. Never expect the coward to tell the police the truth. If you have something proving that the other guy invited you to face him, then you are much less likely to spend the weekend in jail.

I personally have a policy of never issuing challenges, but have yet to turn one down. Of course, anyone who challenges me has to come to me. There have been a lot of talk about coming out to Colorado so see me from some people, but so far not a single person has done so. I don't expect that to change.

A variation of this is to imply no one will dare come see you to deflect honest criticism. The tactic is to try to plant the idea that what people point out should not be listened to, because they aren't skilled or brave enough to face them, so ignore all those facts they bring up. For example, noted fraud and incompetent martial artist Christa Jacobson (whose lies I have exposed in other blogs) stated a few months ago that despite what people write, no one has ever come out to see her. Of course, she lives in Kansas, which is a bit far for most people. Someone named Dieter posted a video asking for clarification, as I did with Kenny, that people would be welcome to show up and not have the police called on them. No response from her of course. 

Another Kansas resident by the name of Jeff Brown was once taken to task over his actions (essentially, setting himself up as a teacher of a style of martial arts when he had never even been in the same room with a teacher of that style) responded with the comment, "If you get beyond the keyboard, come see me." Well, someone did start to make the effort to go to Kansas and asked him where they should meet up. Jeff Brown then deleted all his comments welcoming people to come see him and tried to pretend it never happened. Again, Dieter saved a screen shot of his invite.

Let me give a case to illustrate just how silly the whole thing can be. Most readers of this blog are familiar with Ron Collins, the pedophile, fake ninja and convicted criminal. Several times he has talked about maybe coming out to Colorado to challenge me. He has even said that I don't give the address of where I teach on line so as to avoid him showing up and facing me.

He has made similar comments about Barron Sheppard, who lives in Florida,hates pedophiles like Ron and exposes them when he can. Ron lives in West Virginia. Despite the distance, Ron made a big thing about how Barron needed to come up to him and face him in a cage match. The problem was, Ron lied about registering a match. When Barron called the event organizer, he found out that he there were too many obstacles to him taking part because of his age and condition. Since that time, Ron has been making a lot of noise about how Barron backed out. This is of course standard fare for someone like Ron who likes to be an internet bully, but won't actually risk injury. In the past, he has stalked the girl he tried to rape, threatened her family and assaulted her at her work. But he knows Barron would put him in the hospital. So trying to convince his circle of friends that Barron is afraid of him, instead of vice versa, is nothing surprising for him.

In all the fanfare that Ron made after the event, he kind of dug his own grave. You see, Barron knew I was going to do a seminar in Kentucky in October. Barron likes knife work, and I probably know more about the Japanese art of the knife than anyone outside of Japan. I am told by the sponsors of the event that it is only a couple hours from where Ron lives.

So after all the posing by Ron about how he really would have liked to have faced Barron, do you think that he would be willing to take a short drive to confront him in October? Of course not. He is already making excuses as to why he will not do it. As with Ron, many of them seem to involved conspiracy theories. (In one of his stories explaining his attempted rape, he blames his 13 year old victim of "coming on" to him as being part of a conspiracy by the police.) I have gone to the trouble of saying that if Ron, "Ashida Kim" or Frank Dux show up to challenge Barron or anyone else they won't be met with the police. Yet the excuses keep coming from him as to why he will not. I am not challenging him to show up, just making it really easy to see me if he really wanted to as he has been saying for years.

Neither Barron nor I expect Ron to show up and challenge either of us during the event. That is fine with me. I will be teaching and Barron seems eager to learn how Japanese knife work differs from what is done in places like Indonesia. We aren't losing anything by traveling to Kentucky. If by some miracle, Ron does show up and challenges one of us to spar with him, everyone knows he won't last more than a few seconds with either Barron or I. So, he won't show up. Even though we are making ourselves very accessible to someone who has talked about traveling to see us, we know he won't be there.

I not only know this from experience with others like Ron, his own experience shows what he will do in the future. For a long time, Ron made a lot of noise about how if the police came to arrest him, he would resist. He said he had a right to use lethal force to resist unlawful arrest and the conspiracy against him by the police was an example of illegal arrest. Yet, when the police did show up, he surrendered meekly and cried in the back of the police cruiser all the way to booking.

Ron's example is a lesson. People who say, "Come to me and face me" will never be there when you show up. If you surprise them, they will call the police. Don't go to the trouble of going to see them. If you are in charge of a martial arts discussion group, squash any use of this tactic or nothing of note will be debated. If you are ordered to show up and see someone to prove a point, turn it around and tell them to come to see you if they are so bothered by your words. If there is even a chance of them showing up, find a neutral place that you can announce you will be at (like the knife seminar I will teach) that they can find you if they want. Make sure it is a public place with lots of witnesses. Also, make sure you have something else you can do there while waiting because you can bet they will do something else.

Don Roley

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Used as a noun, the phrase Walter Mitty is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as "referring to a person who fantasizes about a life much more exciting and glamorous than their own".

I understand that it's in a hater’s blood to hate. Having haters is one way of knowing that I am constantly doing something right. When a hater who fancies himself a celebrity SUPAH secret CIA ninja operative, associates himself with, supports and enlists the help of a person, publicly on Facebook, that has been arrested and served time for trying to have sex with a minor, stalking and threatening to kill police officers it is a very telling  sign of the true nature of their character.

The martial arts world is full of Walter Mittys who have a complete an utter disdain for the ones who have proven and verifiable legitimate backgrounds in the martial arts. I possess something they don’t, which is validation and credentials that prove legitimacy. My accomplishments regardless of how big or small are ALL my own and VERIFIABLE— and that upsets them.  

When haters can’t figure why they lack the things they lack, or how they can get the things they lack, they become very angry individuals. To help themselves cope with this sense of frustration, they hate, they tell vicious lies and cover one lie up with another and then another. They steal. They slander. They threaten. They seeth in their hate. 

Even the most minor of accolades given to me sets them off. These haters never want to hear that I am doing well in anything. So when something positive happens to me, like getting interviewed for example, they are quick to slander and smear my name with out and out lies.

 I got interviewed online about a TV show. Of course the interviewer acknowledged a few of my accomplishments at the beginning of it. The interview was posted to the public, my haters obviously saw it and clicked on the link and read it just days after my interview and began posting about me furiously and vindictively making false allegations and lying.

They became so jealous of a minor acknowledgement by someone else that they began posting their character assassination campaign against me on facebook and other places. This really cast a light on how petty, insecure and deficient these haters really are.

The article was no big deal really, the interviewer gave me some acknowledgement pertaining to my Martial arts background in only a few sentences of an interview that was entirely about a TV series and how good a job I thought the creators do with the show. 

Instead of getting mad at haters for hating, I keep doing what I do. Work, train, spend time with the grand children. In the mean time my haters are busy on the computer thinking of more lies to post online about me.  It is the training, learning and working on myself, my credentials, my accomplishments and setting new goals at 51 years old that bring the Walter Mittys’ hate my way. 


Frank, this is an official letter of  APPRECIATION, I honestly and sincerely want you to be the very first to know that your posting and support of the latest batch of attempts to assassinate my character have paid off and I have to say THANK YOU very very much. Your unwavering hatred and character bashing toward me has indeed NOT gone unnoticed. 

The past couple of days as a direct result of a recent campaign to assassinate my character on your fb page garnered some attention from TV and Movie producers and the like who have found me on facebook THANKS TO YOU. Basically all said that they read your posts and believed the exact OPPOSITE of what you posted on your fb page about me. But that isn't what the THANK YOU is for.

I am THANKING YOU for helping to create more opportunities to work once again in the tv and film industry. It has been years and years since I worked on my last industry job which was the Seaquest TV series. SO again THANK YOU so much for attempting to destroy me online and creating an opportunity to make some extra money in the film and tv industry after all these years.

I honestly had written that entire chapter of my life off. I had figured it was done and over. I would never have thought in a million years I would be doing it again. AWESOME JOB FRANKIE!!!!! AWESOME JOB!!! Thank you for your hate wrenched character assassination diatribes they really paid off bro. I am moving on and upward. I am quite ECSTATIC over this as maybe you can tell.



Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Learning the Martial arts by DVD and Long distance learning courses: how effective or good are they?

Please keep in mind, that this is a question that has been asked many, many times before. Each time I've given an answer, its been along the same, IMHO, you can't learn much from a dvd/home study course.  Any distance learning system is going to be considerably more challenging and less effective than actual live training.  

Ron Collins who is presently trying to peddle his very own long distance learning program will try to tell you differently. However, fact remains, unless you have a live teacher, someone who can show you things, make corrections, etc, then your learning will be limited only to what’s being shown on the dvd, and how well you can grasp it.

I do feel that dvds are a good reference tool. I have some. I have teachers that I can go to and LEARN from. I'm not learning from the dvd. I recently took up training in Kali and have bought a couple of vids to REFER to and help me in my learning process.

That being said, I've seen different instructional dvds, and saw things that caught my eye.  So, If I was going to invest in dvds then I would only invest in the best ones.   Why invest in a Martial art DVD from a Joe Nobody when you can purchase DVDs from guys like Bill Wallace, the Gracies, Larry Tatum, Jeff Speakman or others like them.

Another point why purchase any DVD from some guy who has no school or dojo or isn’t certified or qualified to teach or with an unverifiable or questionable background when there are so many DVDS out there done by guys who have VERIFIABLE and legitimate backgrounds. I would sooner spend 20 bucks on a DVD by a known martial arts instructor or someone qualified to teach his system than spend twenty bucks on a guy selling a dvd course that can’t even verify he has had ANY training at all.

In my opinion, you need a live body to work with, and a live teacher to teach. There is no replacing a live instructor. I`d take half an hour with a good teacher every six months over all the home study material in the world. I'll go one further on this: If my only option was home-study/video, without time training directly with an instructor, then I would simply do something else altogether. I'd just run, swim, do some strength training, follow a fitness program instead of taking any home study/video course. No one who takes a martial art seriously would solely base all their learning from a video collection...

Find a school and enjoy the ride...

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Recently I read some very distasteful promotional shit via facebook, (pictured left) basically martial arts instructors capitalizing or using the latest terrorist attacks as a means to advertise or promote their schools. 

There is no shortage of instructors using terrorist attacks to try to promote their stuff. It is very sick and very misleading. Most people when they hear news about a massacre like a terrorist attack are horrified. However some unscrupulous and irresponsible instructors take advantage of these horrific acts of violence out there and immediately see an opportunity to make some cash. To make matters worse they are not even qualified to teach such tactics. They have no military combat or counter terrorism training or experience to speak or teach from.

How having a black belt in a martial art magically turns people into urban warfare, counter terrorism, or law enforcement experts boggles the mind... As a Martial artist, a guy who served his country as an MP and one time being involved with civilian law enforcement, I am really compelled to say that trying to convince people to combat terrorism via the martial arts is a very stupid idea.

The idea that someone is trying to sell this is leading people to be nothing but cannon fodder.  Martial arts instructors who are attempting to lure people in by building a false sense of security is like being a used car salesman who is selling you a piece of shit car but telling you it is a great car at a great price.

Urban warfare is a very specific kind of warfare and requires very specific training. The type of training that these “anti-terrorism/martial arts instructors” don’t have a real clue about and ARE NOT doing, nor remotely coming close to the type of training it actually requires. Basically unless your training like a combat soldier, a special forces guy etc most are not going to be equipped to deal with a confrontation with terrorist or terroristic acts. Fair play, Honor, respect and other forms of morality that are taught in the martial arts and playing ninja are out the fucking window when it comes to dealing with a person or people who only want to do one thing, to kill as many innocent and helpless people as they possibly can. 

Truth is there are only a handful of people who are  very specifically trained in this type of stuff like military and special forces, Speacial Weapons and tactics and Law enforcement types. So, unless you are HIGHLY TRAINED (I am talking a professional soldier or special forces guy that trains these type of scenarios all the time) in tactical combat, have fire arms training, counter terrorism etc. etc. and willing to pop some scum bag terrorist a new ass hole right in the middle of his fucking forehead with a firearm without batting an eye, then the idea of studying a martial art because you can potentially protect yourself from this goes beyond the instructor being irresponsible it is false and misleading. 

Terrorists are trained killers, so unless you are adequately trained for that type of thing you will be out of your league terrorists are NOT amateurs this isn't a fucking hobby to them or a sport, or a recreational activity. They live and breathe their craft 24/7. 

The whole idea of a martial arts instructor trying to turn some civilian into an anti-terrorist warrior is nothing more than a fantasy. Basically those high level martial arts supah secret steathy ninja skills that these instructors think they have will probably get you killed. 

The notion of cooperation and you will come out alive no longer applies. Most victims of this type attack don't even have that choice. Anyone remember 9/11. They set off bombs in crowded places, walk into buildings such as malls and work places with automatic weapons and open fire on unsuspecting people. These terrorist live, breath and believe in killing the infidels (us) and are well organized and efficient at what they do. So if ANYONE is suggesting to take a martial arts class to fight or defend against terrorism or a terroristic act you best take a long hard look at not only that DELUSIONAL instructor but being foolish enough to believe a little M.A. training goes a long way against a trained sadistic terrorist who wants nothing more than to kill as many people as possible. 

Monday, March 21, 2016


In a desperate attempt to save face in light of my post regarding Ron Collin's criminal and arrest record. I was sent the screen capture (posted on left)  in an email. I had to post this just to show how low and how much of an idiot certain individuals like Ron Collins and Frank Dux are. It was indeed an EPIC FAIL on the part of both Ron Collins and Frank Dux! SO when you read the screen capture the key to understanding just how stupid, inept and incompetent that they have made themselves look is to realize that I am... wait for it… wait for it….SINGLE NOT MARRIED!!

How does Collins who claims to have outwitted the WV State Police because of his superior information gathering skills and Dux who claims to have been a supah secret CIA spy manage to MISS THAT ONE!

I mean dont you think if your were going to tell a lie very publically on facebook about speaking to someone's wife you would at the least VERIFY that the person you were talking about was indeed married? Would nt you at the very least check that little piece of pertinent information? How inept do these guys REALLY have to be when they cant even get thier lie straight or even get ACCURATE basic, public and general information. They couldn’t have done anything else to make themselves look more like fools than this. What a couple of  real  dumb asses!


So, if Dux and Collins are imagining that they ACTUALLY spoke to my 'WIFE" on the phone it begs to question..... wait for it.... wait for it..... what word could be defined as imagining your speaking to someone who doesnt actually exist?????? DING, DING, DING, DING, Yeah you got it SCHIZOPHRENIA!!!!! ( I certainly hope I spelled that word right). 

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Ron Collins a man with mental issues, who has been arrested for trying to have sex with two 13 year old girls, giving them drugs and alcohol, threatening to kill and beat up police officers, terroristic threats, stalking and kiddie porn is still lying his ass off.  He served time for trying have sex with a minor that he had given drugs and alcohol to and was trying to have sex with her. He served time for posting threats online to the WV State Police department and one of it’s officers. 

Collins threatened to cut the throat of a police officer while the officer laid sleeping in bed next to his wife. Then after posting this on his blog turned around and said he didnt threaten anyone.

Rather than take responsibility for the crimes of which he has been arrested for he wants people to believe he was set up in some elaborate police conspiracy against him. Collins is a pathological liar who has admitted to lying simply because it entertains him. He is a person with real, diagnosed mental illness as testified to in court by a qualified professional. Dr. Robert  Miller, a forensic psychiatrist, completed an evaluation of Collins and found him to be a psychotic with paranoia in the context of irrational grandiosity” also his “primary pathology” or “malignant narcissism” is joined with “bipolar disorder.” In layman's terms Collins was found to be delusional and psychotic.

To Ron Collins,

Not too long ago, you mentioned how you wanted to come down and beat me up in front of my students. Tough talk from behind the safety of your computer.

 BUT did you make the effort? No, of course not.

When things got hot, you tried to get me to come all the way up to you. But after I registered to fight you at a MMA event that you claimed you had set up, I was contacted by the promoter and told that you had not set the fight up and the fight would NOT happen because of my age, 51, too many medicals would be required EKG, MRI, fight physical etc. The costs of all this would be thousands of dollars.  SO NO ONE BACKED OUT, THE FIGHT WAS NEVER ON NOR WAS IT GOING TO HAPPEN ACCORDING TO THE PROMOTER. Your little trick to get me to travel all the way up there just to have you duck out the back door failed. I was never going to spend all the money for travel as well as the medical exams I would need to be in an MMA match when you obviously lied about having the match all set up in the first place.

But now you are making a lot of noise about how you were there to fight me in the ring. Quite amusingly cowardly of you since you knew the promoter wasnt going to let fight happen. For anyone else that is reading this post don’t take my word for it and by all means feel free to contact Chris Smith the promoter of Ruckus in the Cage at or his website and find out for yourselves.

Guess what, Ron, you will get your chance though if you are serious. I don't actually think you are, so all the boasting you have done until now will just show how you are like a little yapping dog, safe in knowing that there is a big fence between you and the ones you bark at.

 Here is the deal. In October Don Roley is having a seminar on tantojutsu in Kentucky. It is only about 2 hours from you. No ring, no physicals, no bullshit just two guys settling differences. You wanted me to come all the way from Florida instead of coming here, so what excuses will you make to avoid driving just two hours to see me?

 I have a deep interest in knives. Don's seminar promises to be one of the first to show actual tantojutsu from Japan and not bad FMA in hakama. I am looking forward to it if it is at all possible to make it.

Even if I can't for some reason, Don will be there. You know Don, the guy you also said you were thinking of going out to Colorado to look up and have a match with? Not that he was ever scared you would actually do it. But now that it is only two hours away, what will be your excuse?

 If you do as we expect and stay far away from the seminar, I will still have the chance to learn good knife skills. I am willing to travel to see that, but not to find out you probably ran away from an MMA fight and then try to present it like it was a huge gag on me. Remember how you were caught lying about being in the Elite Marine Force Recon? After a decade of telling everyone it, you tried to pass it off as a joke on your critics when the records were gotten from the government and showed you hadn't even been tough enough to last through basic training. 

You have got no clue as to what tough even is. Just a couple months ago I was ran over by a semi truck and dragged when the truck semi finally came to a stop I was caught in between the tires on the last set of axiles on the truck. The tires of the truck had run up my body from my feet up my torso and back and rolled off my right shoulder the tires missing my head by inches. When the truck came to a stop and to every ones' shock I crawled out from under the semi and was standing up when the driver and a dozen coworkers got to me. The tire tracks going up the back of my legs and back were visible on my clothes. There is even a police report for those who dont believe this actually happened. 

What do you think that your little fat WORTHLESS ass could possibly do to me that a semi couldnt even do. You got no clue, boy, of who the hell you are even fucking with. So if you don't show up, as everyone knows you won't, I still get a chance to learn something and meet Don Roley in person.

You have been whining that I want a fight in a parking lot. I am quite willing to turn you into a stain on the sidewalk. Actually I would do to you what those two 13 year old girls fathers should have done to you when you tried to rape them. But this will be a seminar. It will not be in a parking lot or park. The final venue and time is still not set. It depends on how many people sign up. We might have a huge crowd and need to move to larger facilities. But it won't be in a place where the police will have a problem with two guys going at it. It won't be a professional event. It will be martial arts training. And in martial arts training, there is sparring. We call it randori. There won't be the need for medical exams, certifications or anything else like that. Oh, they won't be against any laws. If you need to go to the hospital, then the combat will stop.

If you were ever to show up, everything would probably be filmed from the moment you step through the door. Trust me, there are a lot of people that seem to be showing up to see you get your ass kicked and most will want to record the happy memories. With every phone now made seeming to have a video camera built in, there probably will be more footage of us than of the last presidential debate.

 You've made a big show of how you wanted to face me when you knew the fight wasnt going to happen in ring at Ruckus in the Cage. Now what excuse are you going to give for not showing up in October when it is so close to you?

 If anyone doubts my statement that I was told I could not compete in the event, I say they should contact the organizers and talk to them. They have no stake in this and will tell the truth. Here is there web site.

 You've said you wanted to face Don Roley, but of course never have put those bold words into effect. You have hidden behind your computer and talked big. It is all very similar to how you talked about how you would not go back to jail and instead go on a killing spree. You even made a video of yourself walking around the state police station claiming that the police were afraid of you and bragged about how they wouldn't arrest you. But when they came for you, you meekly surrendered while crying. So your videos mean nothing at all. Your insults mean nothing at all. I mean when you think about it you will always be known as a mentally disturbed low life scumbag lying pedophile.  Do you actually think that being called a coward by a lowlife shit bag who has been arrested for trying to rape 13 year old girls really bothers me?

I will repeat myself. If I can't make it for some reason, you don't have the excuse of not showing up because Don Roley will be there. I know that he will gleefully take you up on your offer to fight if you dare challenge him, and then he will beat you to within an inch of your life. He can do it too. Both of us are way beyond your pathetic skills.

So what excuses are you going to try to pull to get out of this? After all this false bravado when you knew you could always flee and pretend it was a gag to make me spend thousands of dollars, everything you do will only show to the neutral folks out there that you are in fact a coward.

 Yes, your fraud friends like Frank Dux and Ashida Kim will pretend to believe you. They won't abandon you even knowing what you have done to a poor girl from the time she was 13. You pervert. But of course, not one of the people that tell you they are your friend will donate to that gofundme thing you tried to set up. And anyone that would be fine with you trying to rape a passed- out 13 year old girl, stalking her when you got out, threatening her life and her family and assaulting her really doesn't count as a human in my book.

So, what excuse are you going to use Ron?