Sunday, October 23, 2016


Recently blog readers, you've been privy to my on-going discourse with some very unsavory characters.  It seems to be a sign of the ever present Internet that the fake martial artists, like the ones mentioned on this blog, spew lies at will and then make up all kinds of "stories" , claiming they are facts to corroborate their lies.

 As I mentioned in a previous post  I have wasted valuable time writing about fakes, frauds and wannabes. These wannabes and neverweres have built their reputation upon lies, fantasy, bogus military claims, fake credentials, badly photo shopped military award recommendation forms and eBay purchased certificates.

 The frauds have all proved that they will never follow thru on any of their spurious challenges or their tough talk. They will always be talkers, not doers. They will always make excuses all the while writhing and squirming when faced. They will continue to spout their endless Internet bullshit laden diatribes and scream to the high heavens that they are the ones being victimized when called out on their lies and bullshit.

Unlike these phonies I am legitmate and my credentials are real and not photo shopped or purchased off ebay. Engaging these bottom feeders online is a total waste of my time and more importantly serves only as a distraction from my own training.

The fakes, frauds, the secret kumite fighters, the pedophiles, the bogus Anshus and grand masters who make up their own styles have done more to disprove their own claims that I or anyone else ever could.

Such ilk is quite frankly beneath me on every level. No real credentials, no real experience and no real threat to myself or any legitimate martial artist for that matter.

Everyone wants to be a lion until its time to do what lions do. The fakes have ALL been weighed. They have ALL been measured. And they ALL have absolutely- been found wanting.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

4 against 1

Ron Collins and the Black Dragon Fighting Society posted a video of the confrontation last weekend between them and a man named Don Roley. Most have seen and heard Dons side. I think in all fairness we should see Ron’s and the BDFS side. Collins very conveniently and for reasons only known to Collins posted the vid here.

For months, Collins has been blogging about how nobody has the courage to fight him. He has even gone on the internet to make statements that he would go to a person's dojo or school and beat them in front of thier own students.

Don Roley was giving a tantojutsu (Japanese knife) seminar in Lexington, KY, after openly challenging infamous ninja fraud Ron Collins to come fight him at the school with Don's permission.

Collins shows up at the school with 4 guys from the BDFS in tow.  Now I don’t know any of the people that came with Ron, but I really have to question the characters of these guys. They are backing up a man who has been arrested for  giving alcohol and drugs to two 13 year old girls just so he could take advantage of them.

During the confrontation Don really has no way of knowing what these 4 BDFS guys might do, and a couple of times, they advance on him in  an aggressive way. Roley, despite being outnumbered and somewhat semi surrounded by the four guys calls them all frauds to their faces. He even calls Collins a pedophile. Collins advances and is promptly "held back" by his buddies, but Don doesn't move much.

After Collins, then another BDFS guy gets irate and advances on Roley, but then the guy backs up clearly they were all trying to intimidate Don and make him back down and even recant his statements about them all being frauds.  However it doesn’t work Don held his ground and didn’t move.

 Collins never actually goes through with a fight, even when Don invites him onto the mats. Don made it clear he respected none of them. He even called one guy a fraud to his face. The other Black Dragons, who are bigger guys, offer to do it. I find this really amusing as apparently these 3 bigger guys have had no problems with attempting to bully and physically intimidate a man standing in front of them alone. 

Don was even asked to take it into the street by one of the guys. What was the plan at this point for the guys who showed up with Ron.? Were they all going to jump the guy once he went outside? No one was standing up for Don or standing close enough to him to help if these guys jumped him.  Maybe they were all going to take their turns fighting a guy that was all by himself. Well it's apparent they had second thoughts about their plan....whatever it was.

Maybe these BDFS guys realized they had been duped by Ron, maybe they were afraid. Maybe it was just better judgement and not wanting to end up in jail. We won't ever know as they are all to busy posturing on the internet or at least Ron is anyway.

Watching the vids all I see is four guys wanting to gang up on, bully and intimidate one guy. What you would expect from guys who are backing up and showing solidarity with a guy who, and this is putting it lightly, has been arrested for victimizing two 13 year old girls, kiddie porn, making terroristic threats and threatening to break into a police officers home to cut the officer’s throat while the officer lay sleeping next to his wife.

The body language of those in the vids spoke volumes. Don remained relaxed, ready, not giving ground, even stroking his chin which is an excellent and non telegraphic position to punch from if one of them got too close. The others would abruptly approach only to quite literally shrink away when their chest puffing actions didn't get the desired results. Ron Collins and his BDFS cronies showed up not to fight but to try and intimidate and scare Don. In the end Collins walks off virtually hugging himself obviously unnerved, his online bravado gone, destroyed. Don on the other hand, remained cool, calm and collected the whole time despite being outnumbered 4 to 1. 

The BDFS is trying to spin it to look like Don was the coward. One guy standing up against 4 or 5 guys, not backing down, is "STAND UP" in my book. That takes guts. Cowards dont make stands. They try to use numbers to intimidate. When that doesn't work they waffle, they run away. They dick tuck and threaten to sue. You see and hear it all in the vids. Regardless of what people may say or think of Don Roley, he made a stand and stuck by his words in the face of possibly getting ganged up on and beaten up by 4 guys. 

This was a total public humiliation for Ron Collins and this whole thing was indeed about Ron Collins very openly online claiming he could beat guys like Don Roley up. Collin's own actions and his persistant running off at the mouth exposed him as the Bull Shit artist he is -- someone who talks tough, but who knows that he will lose if he actually tries to face anyone even to the point of walking off hugging himself leaving his BDFS mates to fight his battle for him.

Looking at the picture it appears one of Ron's "buddies", with his hands in his pockets, appears totally dejected by Ron's retreat. After all they were his "back up" and Ron just leaves them in a lurch apparently. Maybe the guy realizes that his actions were waste of time. Collins after all has just made them all look very foolish.

As for the BDFS  guys they came off  looking like nothing more than a gang of punks, bullies trying to intimidate and gang up on one guy and nothing more. A few times during the vid you hear them tell Don if you take one of us on, you take all of us on.  Sounding like nothing more than a gang of thugs and obviously proud of the fact that they have no problems ganging up on someone. 

Wait... doesn't the BDFS have and promote a anti bullying program? Their hypocrisy knows no bounds obviously. Collins posted the vid online himself, as to what point he was trying to make with it I for one don't know. It shows 4 guys doing nothing more than trying to scare and  attempting to create an opportunity to beat up one guy even to the point of goading Don to go into the street to fight them. 4 against 1, 5 if you count their camera guy. 

On a personal note I have wasted valuable time on fakes, frauds and wannabes and those who hitch themselves to their wobbly unstable wagons. This latest incident has really exposed these individuals for  the true lack of character they really have and for the fakes and bullshit artists they really are. Its obvious in both vids Ron backed out and and then lost all credibility and even "street cred"(if he ever had any) when he left shouting litigation. Blog readers can see a link to the video here and a break down of what happened.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


What a fun past few days.

Ron Collins has reversed himself once again.

For those of you following this, Ron has been making a lot of noise about me. He claims that I am somehow scared to face him. And yet every chance he has been given to actually go a few rounds with me, he has found an excuse to back out.

Don Roley will be having a seminar in Lexington this weekend. Ron lives only about an hour away. More importantly, he is attending an event by a bunch of frauds called the Black Dragon Fighting Society in Lexington that very weekend. So I let Ron know I would be there and he was welcome to try to come down and try his luck with me.

Of course, all I got was excuses. When one excuse
was shot down, he would try another. He finally settled on the excuse that he wanted everything open and legal, so he would  only agree to a sanctioned MMA match.

I’m a man in my 50's. Getting some of the medical stuff out of the way would normally be a huge cost to me, with no guarantee that Ron would actually go through with things. As he became convinced that I could not realistically arrange a sanctioned match, Ron became more and more insistent that I set up such a match or be called a coward.

Here are some of his quotes.

On October 4th he wrote this,

"Oh yes... Don Roley invited me to his tantojutsu seminar but, again their was no admission of intent. And i would be an idiot to walk into a room with you, your buddy Don and you lots supporters. Again regardless of who swings first, you can claim self-defense and i am "in your house."

Hence if it is a fight you want, a sanctioned MMA event a neutral grounds seems fair. So no more proxies and bull shit. No more hiding behind plays on words to set me up... Set up an event or i can give Chris Smith a call and see what he can do (again)."

Later, the same day he wrote this,

"And that is why I keep trying to have a sanctioned event where its perfectly legal and proven once and for all... I mean if i am such a pathetic person why not prove it in cage with witnesses."

On October 7th this is what he wrote.

"Come on pussy something legal and open, send me the number to a promoter when you contact one and we can set a date and get this done... Oh right... You won't do it you're scared of me."

So you can see, when Ron thought I could not set up an MMA match, he called me a pussy and said I was scared of him. He insisted that we get into a ring at a sanctioned MMA match, because he thought it was realistically out of reach for me.

Well, last weekend I managed to actually get the last hurdle out of the way and arrange for an MMA match on November 19th. Then the fun began. After hearing from the promoter and upon learning the promoter was for real Ron began to back pedal.

First of all, when told about the match, Ron started saying that he didn’t think he could get the needed physicals out of the way in time. 40 days was too short a time to get them done according to him. 

Then of course The fight promoter, Edson Berto said they have people (doctors) and can get the physicals done in a matter of days.  Berto also said that if Ron could not make the fight in Nov. he had 3 more mma events in december and we could possibly fight in one of those.

On Monday, the 10th, I told the world that because I set up the MMA match as Ron demanded and had some pressing business, I would not be in Lexington for the weekend seminar with Don Roley. I am including a screen shot, and everyone can see the date.

 If you think that it is the same sort of photoshop fake that Ron did for his military award, you can follow this link and see my post from the 10th for yourself.

AFTER I had posted online on fb and on my blog that I would not be in Kentucky due to the fact Ron wanted a MMA match in Florida, Ron wrote a blog reneging on his promise to a ‘legal and open’ MMA match and challenged me to fight him in the street in Lexington.

Now everyone online can see him for the coward and liar he is. His blog does the work for me. After insisting on nothing but an MMA match for legal reasons, now he is insisting that I beat him up on the streets of Lexington despite the fact he knows quite well that I have already cancelled going there in favor of the match on the 19th.

Ron likes to say I am a liar. This proves who that really is. Almost everything he puts up on his blogs to ‘prove’ what he says is forged or a lie. The people reading this may not be able to see the signs of photoshopping on the photos he puts up like an expert, but they can see the sequence of events where Ron lied about wanting to get in the ring with me. I rest my case.

But if Ron wants a piece of his critics, Don Roley will still be holding that martial arts seminar that weekend. For all your talk of wanting to face me in Lexington AFTER I made it known I would not be there, we all know you won’t go challenge Don to anything. The entire world knows even a little girl could beat you up. You know it as well, as this sequence of events shows

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Most styles in the martial arts have been around for a long time AND have been carefully studied and refined. Most legitimate martial arts are old, created for a reason and have a scientific base behind them. When you look at styles such as judo, Jiu Jitsu, American Kenpo  or boxing  they all have reason and truly applicable science.

I developed #BudoRyuNinjutsu in 2004 (#fact) I CREATED it. That makes it authentic (#Truth) I teach it that makes it #Real @BudoRyuKai -Christa Jacobson

Anshu Christa Jacobson is a fraud, who has lied about her martial arts background and has made up her own self defense system.  She recently claimed that her made up system of Budo ryu is better self defense than Judo better than sport judo and goes on to say budo ryu is better than ANY Sport martial art. (Pictured above)

This is Based on what? Has it been tested? has it been tried? Proven where? After all the proof is in the pudding right? If you come across an instructor who claims to have invented/created/made up their own style chances are it’s a watered down, ineffective and impractical form of martial art/system of fighting/combat. Chances are you are dealing with someone with very little training, very little knowledge  and a “MADE UP” background as well. Jacobson’s ‘made up” system has nt been tested, tried or proven anywhere.  

 Jacobson claims to have developed Koka ryu Kempo based off her supposedly extensive knowledge. Problem is its poorly executed and watered down American Kenpo. Here is a link to a video Jacobson is demonstrating a back fist one of the techniques in Jaocobson’s made up self defense system. 

Jacobson is teaching the back fist as being an effective self defense technique? Really? But in jacobson's experience  and one and ONLY MMA fight, all Jacobson did was throw back fists.....The result.....Jacobson was knocked down in the 1st round and LOST by TKO in the 2nd round

If Budo ryu is so damn effective why is Jacobson even teaching that particular technique ? It obviously didn’t help in an MMA match. But Jacobson is going to teach it as a reliable self defense technique anyway. Jacobson obviously doesn't have a single brain cell working. By her own statements Jacobson  claimed sport martial arts #Judo are not as good for self defense as jacobson’s own made up Budo ryu system. But Jacobson teaches a technique that proved to be ineffective in a MMA match. Go figure that one. 

 I find it simply staggeringly incompetent for Jacobson  to teach and demonstrate  that knowing it didnt help in her mma match and then have the audacity to bad mouth judo.  Jacobson in all honesty has no real clue about what she is doing. All Jacobson has got is her little delusional made up ninja fantasies. I would almost feel sorry for Jacobson . I really would, except for the fact jacobson is selling this crap to other people as a better self defense system than judo a established art and sport.

Anyone who has experienced a powerful Judo throw knows it's like being punched in every square inch of your body simultaneously.  Like being hit by a semi truck. An engineer once calculated the amount of force of a particular Judo throw and determined that the impact was the equivalent of falling off an eight-story building.

Jacobson wants to bad mouth judo/sport judo and teach a backfist? WTF? Ever had a judoka bounce your ass of the ground or the concrete? Goes alot further than a backfist ever would. But, I wouldn't expect a ninjer from Kansas would even comprehend that.

Jacobson goes on to explain her stance by claiming she was only referring to Sport or Olympic judo. (Pictured left)This statement in and of itself indicates that Jacobson is completely detached and has no REAL knowledge to even speak from.

For example regarding  jacobson's statement that she was referring to SPORT/OLYMPIC judo: In reality there is only one Judo style (Kodokan). Kosen Judo  for example isn't a seperate style, just a different ruleset to be made friendlier for school kids to learn. It was a name of the Judo taught in the Kosen school district that focused more on Newaza (matwork).

Sport Judo/Olympic Judo, BJJ, Russian Sambo, Russian Judo, Kosen Judo, are ALL really just a Kodokan style. Russian Sambo, Brazilian Juijitsu originated out of Kodokan Judo. Sport Judo/Olympic Judo originated from Kodokan Judo.

There are variations on the way it is taught e.g. Kosen Judo focus on Ne Waza, or some clubs teaching Kata and Randori, but essentially they are all teaching Judo. I read an interview with a Kosen Judo Sensei in Japan. He said that Kosen Judo was a different approach to Kodokan Judo, but they still taught Kodokan Judo.

.. If he was also trained in #BudoRyuNinjutsu rather than just Sport #MartialArts (#Judo), than he probably wouldn't have gotten his ass whooped by some overweight drunk, that was hanging out on the beach, talking shit. #SorryNotSorry –Christa Jacobsen

The ONLY people who trash "sports martial arts (#Judo)" seem to be the ones who cant do it, who NEVER did sports martial arts or tried it and FAILED  and ran home CRYING. 

Jacobson's system is total made up ninja movie fantasy bullshit. It shows in what Jacobson teaches and how it is executed. 

Pictured above we have a black belt student of Jacobson's very poorly executing a juji Gatame arm lock. IN all honesty there is so much wrong with this picture it would take and entire article to explain.  

Below is a proper example of Juji Gatame. Notice it is being demonstrated by a ORANGE BELT.


Saturday, September 17, 2016


Anshu Christa Jacobson lied and shot her mouth off about a very unfortunate incident that happened at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. A bronze medalist Judoka had witnessed a robbery and pursued the thief and then the good Samaritan was sucker punched in the face from out of nowhere by another individual during the chase. The thief got away but the attacker was arrested.

However Jacobson chose to tell a different story. On her face book page (pictured left) she posted:

ON ONE HAND... It's sad to see the amount of violence that's in the world, everyday on the news. ON THE OTHER HAND... If he was also trained in #BudoRyuNinjutsu rather than just Sport #MartialArts (#Judo), than he probably wouldn't have gotten his ass whooped by some overweight drunk, that was hanging out on the beach, talking shit. #SorryNotSorry –Christa Jacobsen

She even went a step further and posted a link to the article that she supposedly got her information from. (I have inserted the actual screen capture.) Upon further investigation and going to the link that she provided in her post, I found that her version of things was nothing like what actually happened. She blatantly lied.

The judoka was NOT beat up on the beach by some fat drunk guy as she put it in her post.  The judoka, putting his life at risk, in one of the most dangerous cities in the world was trying to stop a robbery, a very gutsy move on the Judoka’s part if ya ask me. Jacobsen however, chose to misrepresent the entire situation and lie about it to promote herself and her school.

Just when you think that no one can say or do anything more stupid, Christa Jacobson comes along and hits one out of the park. I mean she hit the STUPID ball with the STUPID bat right out of the STUPID park.

During the weekend of 911 Jacobson defended her position by claiming to have gotten the details of the story from various links. Jacobson posted the links.  (Picture below)
Notice in her comments she asked me to read very carefully. So,  giving Jacobson the benefit of the doubt. I listened and I read her words and the links she provided VERY CAREFULLY. 

First thing I noticed is how her version of the story had changed. She went from her original facebook post (pictured at the start of article) which was:... If he was also trained in #BudoRyuNinjutsu rather than just Sport #MartialArts (#Judo), than he probably wouldn't have gotten his ass whooped by some overweight drunk, that was hanging out on the beach, talking shit. #SorryNotSorry

Then Jacobson changes her story to (pictured just above):"I posted the news report that clearly said he got punched and his wallet and phone were taken."

Jacobson clearly and purposely changed her story and claimed that there were too many sources that backed up her version(s).  The  Europe BJJ report DID NOT back up Jacobson's version, it said the Belgian was punched in the face by someone else while chasing a robber and actually gives the Belgian judoka's version.  "The 32-year-old, who could clearly handle himself in most combat situations, was hit as he chased the thief down the popular beach, the Belgian Olympic Committee (BOC) said." - “Van Tichelt had his mobile phone stolen, after being punched in the face. Reports suggest that two criminals were involved in the incident, and that the assailant who punched Van Tichelt was an accomplice of the man who took the phone.”-

Interesting how Jacobson just leaves out things called DETAILS and FACTS. These reports pretty much sum up the opposite of what Jacobson had posted on social media. Jacobson ended her little rant by saying lying is when you make something up.  SO where was the fat, out of shape drunk guy, who was talking shit and beat the crap out of a medal winning Judoka?  

The bottom line is Jacobson  DID  make something up Jacobson DID lie and chose to continue to lie and got caught. I replied to Jacobson that I indeed checked the links she provided and READ her post CAREFULLY AND WITH AN OPEN MIND AND HEART. I  informed her that none of them had anything remotely similar to the version she had posted on social media. Jacobson responded by abruptly removing the posts.


SO Jacobson you posted this:

"Today I had a special guest come into the dojo, one of my old teachers, Master Steve Crawford! 😊 Today we shot a video on martial arts, how we met, our training together & how we have both grown within the martial arts!"

Okay Christa, personally how have You grown? You stopped your training at Crawfords! Then you made up a bunch of crap about having japanese instructors and claiming to have inherited Japanese systems! This isnt growing in the martial arts it called LYING about what you really know.

"😊 I'll try to get that video up within the week so that all of you can see a little bit of my history before I started the #BudoRyuKai!"

Really you are sharing a LITTLE BIT of your history. Dont you mean your ONLY history and before you made up your mysterious Japanese instructors and that you are a soke/inheritor of Tomo ryu ninjutsu/Kosei ryu kempo.

I mean really Jacobson you trained at Crawfords that was the ONLY place you trained he was your instructor. He and  Shawn Monday were your ONLY instructors why the need to lie about INHERITING JAPANESE SYSTEMS ETC. 

 I got no doubt you are a 1st black in kenpo and a nidan in Toshindo.  I have spoken with Crawford on several occasions. A very nice guy who deserves your respect. SO respect the guy enough to tell people he was your ONLY instructor because that is the truth and he deserves the respect and the honor due to a teacher.

My only issue with you is that you shot your mouth off about judo and lied to do it. Oh, excuse me "Sport Judo" as you put it. 

".. If he was also trained in #BudoRyuNinjutsu rather than just Sport #MartialArts (#Judo), than he probably wouldn't have gotten his ass whooped by some overweight drunk, that was hanging out on the beach, talking shit. #SorryNotSorry"-Christa Jacobson

Then after trying to deny it, you tried to justify it, then when you couldnt you removed your posts about it. Well removing the posts in an effort to cover it up isnt an apology. Simply taking it down isnt an apology. You had no problems hash tagging the hell out of judo or your budo ryu when you made the statement (pictured right). You should apologize in the exact same manner in which you posted it. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


My tolerance for incompetent frauds in the martial arts has been extremely low as of late. I used to have some immunity built up for this sort of thing, but obviously there is a new strain of incompetent fraud out there it's called Christa Jacobson.

Nothing bothers me more than to hear someone with no knowledge of judo lie about it or badmouth it. . . 

.. If he was also trained in #BudoRyuNinjutsu rather than just Sport #MartialArts (#Judo), than he probably wouldn't have gotten his ass whooped by some overweight drunk, that was hanging out on the beach, talking shit. #SorryNotSorry –Christa Jacobsen

All Christopher Brooks AKA Christopher Jacobson AKA Anshu Christa Jacobson can do and does well is lie to make herself look good. Jacobson really screwed up when she decided to lie about a incident involving a Olympic bronze medal judoka and bad mouth judo. The lie was fabricated to sell her Budo ryu ninjutsu as being more effective than judo. Budo ryu is something that the self appointed, self promoted,  not qaulified Jacobson, made up. Jacobson also lied about its origins as well.

In a post here she claims she created Budo ryu ninjutsu. If Jacobson is going to make up a system of her own, Jacobson should've at least tried to be creative and original.  Jacobson is someone claiming to be a Soke and inheritor of a AUTHENTIC traditional Japanese art. For all intense and purposes Jacobson passes off American Kenpo and Toshindo as something called Budo ryu ninjutsu and Koka ryu kempo and as AUTHENTIC, TRADITIONAL,  and JAPANESE.

Anshu Christa Jacobson claims to be the Headmistress of the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo. Jacobson claims to be the only non-Japanese to receive a Menkyo Kaiden (The highest level license that exist in Japanese martial arts) and Sokeship (inheritor / grandmaster) of a koryu bujutsu / ninjutsu tradition.

According to the ad (pictured above) She teaches Authentic ninjutsu, military skills and combat tactics. However, there is just one problem it's all a lie. The scrolls Jacobson so predominately displayed in the above ad were  actually purchased off of ebay.

Jacobson trained at Steven Crawfords AMERICAN JIUJUTSU and MMA school in Kansas. Her two instructors were Shawn Monday and Steve Crawford.

These are the sort of things you see frauds like Jacobson do. Unfortunately Jacobson has made a living off this. According to her it's a very good one. Jacobson has no problems defrauding her customers and students peddling Toshindo and American Kenpo as authentic and as Budo ryu ninjutsu.

 Jacobson's stint in the martial arts consists of a nidan rank earned in Toshindo thru an online distance learning course and a 1st Black in kenpo. No matter how jacobson tries to rationalize it, Neither one qualifies her to teach ninjutsu or create her own system.

In terms of sport martial arts her own experience shows that jacobson couldnt even compete on a local club level ; a single mma match which Jacobson lost and only one point sparring match, one of which Jacobson left CRYING LIKE A BABY. Way to handle that situation.

In terms of training for terrorist events, or combat tactics I wonder what qualifications she possesses and what experience she has? Try NONE whatsoever. No prior military or law enforcement experience no counter terrorism or tactical training no combatives training, no fire arms training.

The reality of Budo ryu ninjutsu is that Jacobson has a gross lack of knowledge. Has no knowledge or experience of how to address or deal with real violence. An online course and a junior instructor rank just doesn't make the grade much less give ANYONE enough knowledge to create something called Budo ryu ninjutsu.

Jacobson is a fraud and has committed fraud. The real crime as I see it is not only in the claims she makes but taking money from people under false pretenses. Jacobson is running a con job duping people into thinking that she is a competent instructor.

Jacobson is perpetuating and making money off of fantasy, Hollywood fantasy, by perpetuating the Sterotypical myths presented by Hollywood in those 80’s American made ninja movies.

It's just criminal to see Jacobson make a post about having honor or hash tagging honor when she has no problem ripping people off. Taking money for teaching something that she doesn't even know how to teach in the first place.

Jacobson is an incompetent instructor and fraud, just a mcdojo sensei with ZERO training in the areas that she claims. Jacobson has ZERO military/police training experience that would qualify her to teach counterrorism, active shooter defensive tactics or unarmed fighting to anyone. This is the reality of Jacobson’s Budo ryu ninjutsu and Koka ryu kempo.

The reality of judo however is the exact polar opposite. Judo from its very beginning has been a self-defense and combat discipline. Judo served well as an official system of Japanese Imperial armed forces and Japanese police.

Judo even practiced solely as a sport operates at a close quarters range alot of skills and skillsets that are found in sport judo can be and are utilized in CQC. It’s a more complete close quarter combat system and combat sport because it has both standing and ground fighting skills.

Judo was and still is a full featured combat discipline which formed the basis for many Military and Police tactics around the world.

....if Jacobson had been trained in #Judo rather than be a #BudoRyuNinjutsu mcdojo sensei Jacobson wouldn't be an incompetent fraud. #SorryNotSorry